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31 Movies for October

I do not do scary movies, so my list has a lot of family friendly options.  Be warned, there’s a lot of Joss Whedon and Tim Burton.


  1. Northanger Abbey 
  2. Fun Size (don’t judge me!)
  3. Hocus Pocus
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas (also on my list for Christmas movies)
  5. The Bride
  6. Haunted Mansion
  7. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  8. Corpse Bride
  9. Evil Dead
  10. Cabin in the Woods
  11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  12. Casper
  13. Coraline
  14. Beetlejuice
  15. Young Frankenstein
  16. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog
  17. Little Shop of Horrors
  18. Shaun of the Dead
  19. Zombieland
  20. Ghostbusters
  21. The Prestige
  22. Ghost
  23. My Boyfriend’s Back
  24. The Worst Witch
  25. Stardust
  26. The Adventures of Ichabod (& Mr. Toad)
  27. The House of Yes
  28. Army of Darkness
  29. The Witches
  30. Interview with a Vampire
  31. Addams Family Values

    *Note: All films that are in italics I have watched so far this month

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I recently decided that I was going to start watching all of the Oscar winning movies.  I’m not sure how long this will take me, but I’m hoping to at least get through the first ten years by the time the Oscars start this March.  We’ll see how that goes.


1929, the first annual Academy Awards Outstanding Picture was won by Wings.  This silent action film includes those old-timey captions and a continuous score as it follows Jack Powell (Charles “Buddy” Rogers), his rival turned best friend, David Armstrong (Richard Arlen), the woman they both love, Sylvia Lewis (Jobyna Ralston), and the cute, spunky, girl next door, Mary Preston (Clara Bow), who is hopelessly in love with Jack, and will do just about anything for him, like put her career on the line, and get fired, even when he’s being a drunken, bubble loving, a-hole.

Everything is over the top- the melodramatic looks, the slapstick, the nationalism, the rage, the fights, the horror, the romance!  I’m looking forward to watching more silent films and the next few Oscar winners to come!