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Bad Wife Dead Dad Blues

I’ve got the blues-
the bad wife dead dad blues.

I’m over worked
I’m underpaid
It’s been almost two months
Since I last got laid.

I’m yelling at my husband
All day and all night
Everyday for the past four weeks
We’ve had a fight

I’ve got the blues-
The Bad Wife Dead Dad Blues

The holidays are over
And I’m feeling sad
I miss my family
Especially my dad

I keep on thinking
About the night he was shot down
I keep on drinking
In the booze will my sorrows drown

I got the blues-
The bad wife dead dad blues….


The Deep Sadness

While meeting with one of my friends for dinner recently, she asked me if I was going through some deep sadness. She saw it in my eyes.

Yes, I am.

More than just being sad, but it’s like drowning in a vast sea. The waves keep washing over, and I don’t have a chance to even breathe. Anytime I have a slight moment where maybe a little sunshine comes through, there goes another wave, another current pulling me under to where I die a little more inside.

I wish I knew what it was that was causing all of this grief. I wish I could turn it off and not have to deal with it.