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Bloody Good

So everything is changing, and it’s all kinda awesome.  Change can be a little scary at times, and I’ve still been battling my various demons.

Some of the resolutions I made in April have been going well, others have not.  I’m good at making goals, but not as good at following through with all of them.

A few things that I have been proactive with are: going to counseling for my emotional issues, creating new opportunities for myself, pursuing spiritual interests, and learning more about social and political issues.

One of the best things that has happened is that I auditioned for an equity theater and I can proudly say that I am in the cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  It’s really validating after my experience with community theater and white-washed versions of Miss Saigon.

Though the town theater experience was troubling to me at first, it’s made me a much stronger and intelligent person.  If they hadn’t decided to be ignorant and bigoted, I probably wouldn’t have come across the opportunity for Bloody Bloody.   Because of the door opening with Bloody Bloody, I’m finally going to be able submit an EMC application.

Also, the situation made me think a lot more about my identity as an Asian American.  I’m extremely westernized, but I have such a rich eastern heritage, and I don’t want to discount it.  I’m still finding that balance.