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The Broadway Melody of 1929

Around February, I had made a goal to the Oscar winners of the past, and predictably, life got hectic, and all my goals went down the porcelain pee-hole.  But in an effort to pick up where I left off, I now present the second annual Academy Awards winner for Best Picture (1930):




This film features a love triangle between the vaudville act known as the Mahoney Sisters, Hank (Bessie Love)  and Queenie (Anita Page), and song and dance performer, Eddie Kerns (Charles King), who is engaged to Hank.  Let the drama begin! When Hank isn’t being a bossy bitch, and Queenie isn’t being a whiney drunken mess, and Eddie isn’t constantly fawning over Queenie in a creepster way,  it’s filled with lots of old tunes, one liners, and zingers are a-plenty.

Here’s one of my favorite numbers from the movie:

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I recently decided that I was going to start watching all of the Oscar winning movies.  I’m not sure how long this will take me, but I’m hoping to at least get through the first ten years by the time the Oscars start this March.  We’ll see how that goes.


1929, the first annual Academy Awards Outstanding Picture was won by Wings.  This silent action film includes those old-timey captions and a continuous score as it follows Jack Powell (Charles “Buddy” Rogers), his rival turned best friend, David Armstrong (Richard Arlen), the woman they both love, Sylvia Lewis (Jobyna Ralston), and the cute, spunky, girl next door, Mary Preston (Clara Bow), who is hopelessly in love with Jack, and will do just about anything for him, like put her career on the line, and get fired, even when he’s being a drunken, bubble loving, a-hole.

Everything is over the top- the melodramatic looks, the slapstick, the nationalism, the rage, the fights, the horror, the romance!  I’m looking forward to watching more silent films and the next few Oscar winners to come!