Oh, a-Camping We Will Go…

During spring break, I spent a day with my friend Sarah.  We’d gone to breakfast, and decided to get out of town for the rest of the day, and we went to Pedernales Falls State Park, in Johnson City, TX.  It was my first time at a Texas State Park, but it won’t be my last. I really needed to get […]


Growing up, my family always had a big party for my sister and my birthdays.  Our birthdays are four days apart, and it was always easier to have a big party for the both of us, so I’ve grown accustomed to having big birthday parties.  I won’t lie, I’d love to have a big celebration, […]

Holy Hamantaschen!

Chag Purim Sameach!  Or Happy Purim, Y’all!  I’m not Jewish, but I like holidays.  And this one strikes a particular chord because it’s the story of Esther- the “foreign” queen who saves her people from genocide.  Yaaaas, queen!  On a side note, can we please have more celebrations of women who do awesome things? In honor […]

Why Women Hate Men

You look me up and down SIZE me up. I wear anywhere between 6 to 10 in jeans if that’s what you’re wondering THIS IS WHY WOMEN HATE MEN You tell me not to eat those kinds of foods Say that you feel guilty for letting me eat this way Or that way I can’t […]

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I’ve been on a road to self discovery, and I’m not entirely sure where that road is taking me, but I’ve made a good friend and I’ve been running. I ran another 10k.  It was the Texas Flower Country Women’s Run in Fredricksburg, TX at Wildseed Farms. It was beautiful, and even though my time […]