Baby Cadence

Big Announcement: I am with child.

A girl (if cis-gendered), and Cadence is what we are naming her. Her name is significant for us because she came in God’s timing and rhythm for us and our lives. She will likely be our first and only biological child, and we are so excited for her arrival.

But there have been complications since finding out we were going to have her. At week 5, they weren’t sure if she was a blighted ovum. At week 6, they found a heartbeat, but she had a low heart rate. At week 8, she seemed to be doing okay. At week 12, she was too jumpy, and there was too much sugar in my urine.

At week 15, I had a blood draw to test my hemoglobin, and was diagnosed with diabetes. At week 16, I started seeing MFM, was diagnosed with adult onset Type 1 diabetes and taking insulin. At 18 weeks, we found out we’d have a girl… with clubbed feet and some spine development issues. At 21 weeks, we had to go to Houston to confirm that she had no sacrum and no lumbar 4 & 5. She was diagnosed with Caudal Regression Syndrome (CRS), and she is likely to be in a wheel chair when the time comes.  Now at 24 weeks, we’re being transferred to a different OB and different hospital.

There have been moments of grief and darkness, but God has been with us. We feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, and I feel Cadence jumping and partying down there, anytime we pray or receive prayer.  And Jesus was a miracle worker, so we believe He can heal our daughter, and call her forth to walk.

My biggest prayer for the moment is to make it to full term, and to deliver her safely into my arms. All the other stuff can wait.


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