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Fashion Forward

Piece of my Heart

So I like fashion a lot, but the problem is that I don’t always dress the way I’d like to.  Most of the time, I settle for frumpy and blah.  It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t take long.  However, when I look in the mirror sometimes, I get so disappointed and full of self loathing.

Since about the start of 2014, I’ve been trying to be a little better about really dressing and looking the way that I’d like to.  Not everyday, but certainly, a great deal more than I used to.  At least once or twice a week, I’ll do my hair, and I’ll look for a cute outfit to wear.  My latest goal is to only own clothes that I really love, so that I’ll be wearing something that I am always happy with.

This particular outfit made me extremely happy.  Most of it comes from Modcloth.   Piece of Your Heart Dress, and Lady in Rad (Navy) Boots on sale- they also sent me a nifty little card holder to attach to my phone.  Not quite sure where I got the tights- maybe from Target? Also, I did up my hair in victory rolls.

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