March Madness.

Well, it’s March, and here are some changes.

My best friend is in Tanzania in Africa, and I won’t be seeing her for sometime, and now that she’s no longer in the States, I feel this terrible ache.  It’s been sometime since I last spoke to her even (which makes me feel worse), but now that she’s out of the country, it just hurts so much more.

My cousin is getting married, and my mom, the hubby, and I are going.  It’s going to be in Seattle.  Part of me is super excited to revisit the place of my conception and birth, and part of me is nervous about the cold weather, and also I’m nervous because I’m not cool enough for Seattle.  It seems like this ultra hip place, and I’ll be a complete hobo when I get there.  Maybe “hobo” is in, and I’ll be okay.

Lately, life has been lack luster.  I work all day, then go to yoga, and then go home and watch netflix until I’m tired, then I go to sleep.  It all feels purposeless.  I recently got a new job, working at a grocery store, and I was really excited about it because I’d be making more than I was at the office job and I’d have health benefits, but then I got really sad.  Is my life really this mundane?

I’ve been in a fog.  I’m still sad over my dad’s death, and I know that it’s been two years, and I shouldn’t be like this, because he’s in heaven, and he’s happy with Jesus… but I really miss him.


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