The Original Pancake House

I’m sad, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I have an hour to kill, and then like a ray of light, I see the Original Pancake House before me. I’ve just left Yoga class, feeling likes fat failure, and before that, I’d gotten into an argument with my new husband, and on top of everything else, I’m PMSing.

I’m inside, seated at a two person booth, and Richard takes my order and brings me coffee. Then he brings me a beautiful plate of Eggs Benedict with Potato Pancakes, and I am salivating.

I dig into my delicious, savory breakfast, and for a moment, I just feel happy and good. I’m not hungry, I’m not sad, I’m still a bit tired, but the coffee is helping with that.

Every bite is better than the next, and soon, my food baby belly hangs over my pants. I am satisfied and content.  Thank you OPH for saving my day, and for being the savory comfort that I needed.

Hello, my name is Annie, and yes, I am a food addict.


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