Conflict, Love, marriage

Let There Be Peace

My intent is not to start a fight, but I am a person who struggles with letting my emotions overwhelm me and cause me to act irrationally.  I have a very bad temper, and I got problems all over the place.  These past three months of marriage have been a wonderful battle for peace.  Two people with two view points and different backgrounds, habits, worldviews, living together in matrimony isn’t the easiest of things to do.  Especially with two strong willed people such as myself and my husband.

Before now, I went about, living for myself, not having to answer to anyone else, doing my own thing, living however I wanted to live.  It’s so much different.  I can’t just live for myself and continue on in a selfish manner.  I can’t just do things without communicating.  I can’t be selfish.

It’s hard work, and I am probably going to have to get a therapist or someone to help me through theophostics to really tackle some of the issues and emotions that I don’t know how to control.


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